At Ella, we aim to be an environmentally friendly salon and work hard to reduce the business’s environmental impact through the way we work and the products we use.

How we work

We have teamed up with recycling partner the Green Salon Collective to make sure as much waste as possible gets recycled. Previously the foil, chemicals and hair would have ended up in a landfill, which is something we desperately want to avoid.

The Green Salon Collective is helping us on our journey to offer a totally sustainable salon experience, and we are very proud to tell you that none of the foils gloves, masks, or visor shields used in our salon ends up in a landfill.

We dispose of them in our salon bins, which then get collected by the GSC and converted into green energy.

Also, any profits made from recycling your foil get put back into charitable causes like FoodCycle, which provides nutritious meals to communities across the country.

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Image from the Green Salon Collective

The Products We Use

All the products we use on your hair are by Davines, a company that focuses on sustainable beauty.

Davines are at the forefront of sustainable hair care and have been formulating eco-friendly, organic products since 1983.

Our cleansing, condition and styling products contain high percentages of natural, eco-certified and organic ingredients that are sulphate and paraben-free that all smell and feel incredible leaving your hair residue-free.

The colour range is enriched with vegan-friendly natural ingredients to ensure stunning results. Our new bleaching system ensures high levels of lift with inbuilt rebuilding and conditioning treatment to help the effects of lift.

All of the Davines products come in eco-packaging made from one single material which can be easily recycled and are produced using sustainable energy.

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